Support whenever you need it

Your specially appointed Jade Relationship Manager is one of our most qualified and experienced professional, dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and goals. We know time is precious, so we can meet with you at home, at work or at whatever location is most convenient, to help you towards your personal financial goals.

Your Jade Team

As a Jade client, you’ll have access to a multidisciplinary team to help support your financial strategy. Your team includes specialists in a wide range of fields, and will help to inform, focus and tailor our solutions to your personal circumstances.

At every step, your team can help provide a personal approach, working with you the way that you want. Each specialist helps to build a deeper understanding of your unique challenges and needs. This allows us to build a truly holistic view of your individual needs and to develop a tailored strategy for your financial goals.

Your Jade Center

As a Jade client, you’ll have access to an exclusive Jade Center – a private office which provides the ideal setting to collaborate with your dedicated Jade team. Centrally located in New York City, it is a professional space designed with your lifestyle in mind: encompassing luxury meeting rooms and private offices exclusive for Jade clients.

1 As a RoyalPax Capital Bank Jade client, if you are no longer able to meet the RoyalPax Capital Bank Jade criteria, your access to all its benefits will be removed. See the RoyalPax Capital Bank Jade Terms and Conditions for full details.

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